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CHARTWATCH is an international research firm to the futures industry.
Kenneth H. Shaleen is the founder (1984) and president.

CHARTWATCH produces a weekly technical research report and a Daily Telephone Market Update covering selected financial instrument and grain futures. Mr. Shaleen has instructed technical analysis courses for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1976. These courses have also been conducted for the Chicago Board of Trade, the London International Financial Futures Exchange, and the Sydney Futures Exchange as well as other locations in the World. (See the Current Schedule).

Mr. Shaleen is the author of Volume & Open Interest (Probus 1991 & 1996), Technical Analysis & Options Strategies (Probus 1992), three Chicago Mercantile Exchange course books as well as numerous articles. (See the Books section).

Mr. Shaleen joined the Northern Trust Company in Chicago in 1968 as a Management Science Analyst to develop computer models for the Bond and Trust Departments. A move to futures research was made in 1972. After supplying analysis for two Chicago Board of Trade clearing member firms, he formed CHARTWATCH in 1984.

Mr. Shaleen is a charter member of the Commodity Options Market at the Chicago Board of Trade. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado (1967) and an M.B.A. in Finance from Northwestern University (1968).

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