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Advanced Technical Analysis & ChartingCourse

Advanced Technical Analysis & Charting

This course is designed to enhance a trader's forecasting
skills through analysis and interpretation of historic charts. It is
especially aimed at serious futures traders.

The course is accompanied by an extensive course book of case
studies including eight weeks of market activity with questions
and answers.

 Course Topics 

Idiosyncrasies of volume and open interest
     Traditional physical delivery futures
     Cash settlement futures
     Volume of a specific contract
     Detrending open interest

Price pattern analysis
     Case studies of classical formations that will not
          appear in an elementary texbook
     Double Tops or Bottoms - a closer look
     Scale factor - examining the October '87 crash
     Minor trend change indicator - case study

Trendline Analysis
     Evolution of one pattern into another
     Typical trendlines

Elliott Wave case study
     Comparison of wave theory to classical bar charting
     (A video tape is available on this topic)
     Monthly and weekly exercises
     Daily and hourly exercises

Market Profile case study
     U.S. T-Bonds or Japanese Yen

T-Bond case study
     Eight weeks of market activity with questions and answers

Additional Topics
     Mathematical Models
     Point and Figure charts - the count
     Commitments of Traders Report

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