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Technical Analysis & Charting Course

Technical Analysis & Charting Course

This course provides a thorough understanding of classical bar
charting price pattern analysis. It is designed to impart the skills
of constructing and interpreting charts.  Participants will learn
how to read buy and sell signals in the price formations on the chart.

With this knowledge, traders will be able to determine risk/reward
parameters and develop strategies to make market decisions in a
disciplined and objective manner.

Demand for this popular course has been continuous throughout the world.
The classical bar charting sections of this course are available
on video tapes.

 Course Topics 

Rationale of Technical Analysis

Analysis of a Healthy Price Trend
     Volume Intrepretation
     Significance of Open Interest
     General Rule

Reversal Patterns
     Head & Shoulders Formation
     Double Top/Bottom

Symmetrical Triangle

Continuation Patterns

Support and Resistance

Minor Trend Change Indicators
     Key Reversal
     Inside Range
     Outside Range
     Mid-Range Close

Gap Theory

24-Hour Trading

Elliott Wave Principle

Introduction to Point and Figure Charting

Mathematical Models
     Moving Average / Trend Following
     Relative Strength / Oscillators

Practical Exercises / Sample Tests

A 170+ page course book is included.

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