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Technical Analysis & Options Strategies Course

Technical Analysis & Options Strategies Course

Options allow the construction of a myriad of trading strategies. As the technician sees the evolution of a price pattern, specific options strategies may be far more suitable for establishing a position than a trade of out-right long or short. This is especially true in the futures markets with their propensity to gap-open beyond reasonably placed protective stop-loss orders.
This advanced course combines the disciplines of classical technical analysis with the selection of an appropriate options position. The course book contains case studies from actual chart patterns and suggested options strategies.

Course Topics

When to enter a trade

Vertical Bull & Bear Spreads

Theoretical example - Head & Shoulders Bottom

Possible H & S Bottom case studies
     Bull Call Spreads - Dec '90 S & P 500
     Synthetic Long Call - June '87 T-Bonds
     Bull Call Spread - Sept '87 T-Bonds

Head & Shoulders Top - case study
     Bear Put Spread - March '88 T-Bonds

Theoretical example - Symmetrical Triangle

Triangle in an uptrend - case study
     Long Straddle - June '87 Yen

Triangle in a downtrend - case study
     Put Ratio Backspread - June '87 Eurodollars

Long Butterfly Spread - case study
     Deutsche Mark weekly chart
     Possible Double Top and H & S Top

Short Butterfly Spread - case study
     Converging trendlines
     March '89 S & P 500

Trendline test - Sept '87 Swiss Franc

Elliott Wave
     Short Strangle
     Calendar Spreads

Volatility Charts

Options Strategy Matrix

Note: A hard cover book is available from CHARTWATCH

Course Schedule

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